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Lionheads are a breed of rabbit originating in ...





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Black Tortoise Lionhead Senior Buck







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Black Tortoise Lionhead Senior Doe



Type (25pts)                                                                                                 

Cobby well rounded body, head bold with well developed muzzle. Legs of medium length and not too fine in bone. Stance to be high enough to show full chest and mane.

EARS - Not to exceed 3 inches in length. Well covered buyt not furnished. Carried erect.

EYES - Bold and bright, eyes of white, red or blue, in all other colours as per Colour Standard .

Mane (30 pts)                                                                                                                                                                     The mane should be between 2-3 inches in length to form a full circle around the head, extending to a 'V' at the back of the neck falling into a fringe between the ears. Noticeably longer hair on the cheeks and chest.

Coat (25 pts)                                                                                   

The coat to be dense of medium length, roll back and even all over body in Adults. Small amount of extended fur around flanks permissible on under five months exhibits, but not desired

Colour (15 pts)                                                                                

All colours as long as they conform to a recognised colour and pattern.

Condition (5 pts)                                                                                                  

The exhibit should be in a perfect state of health and bodily condition, free from all soiling, particularly on feet, ears and genital parts. The coat should reflect the overall good health of the exhibit, which should appear alert and vigorous.

Faults: Woolly furnishings, head too fine, ears too long, poor colour, long in body. Excessive fur on flanks.

Disqualifications : Malocclusion, furnishing on ears, wall eyes, lack of mane, overweight.

Weight : 3lbs - 3lbs 12oz, 1.7 kgs

Ring Size: C